Olive Grove Centre of Early Learning is a distinguishable family business founded by Caroline and her husband Murray Surtees after she had worked for many years in the industry. She believes that because young children’s minds learn quickly, we should see this time as a perfect opportunity to enhance your child’s curiosity and enthusiasm for exploring their environment and socialising with others.

It’s important, Caroline says, that you choose an early learning centre that offers your child a personalised and flexible, natural learning program that’s full of fun. This way, your child is not forced to learn what educators believe is appropriate for their age. Instead, like we do here at our early learning centre in Gosnells, their educators offer a unique way of stimulating children aged 3 months to 6 years. So you know your child will grow into a confident life-long learner.

At our centre, we’re guided by the REGGIO EMELIA philosophy which allows a child to investigate their world and learn from it at their own pace as they develop and grow. Our programs and environments encourage critical-thinking skills and intellectual curiosity that will build a strong foundation and fuel success in children when they start school.

The certified and highly trained and experienced early learning educators caring for your child love what they do and are passionate about children’s wellbeing. They also have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of early years and how they impact on a child’s life.

We’ve created a warm environment with an open-door culture so you always feel comfortable approaching us about anything. Call us to schedule a tour to see what we have to offer. We look forward to meeting you and your child.

Our Values & Philosophies

Olive Grove Centre of Early Learning invites and welcomes children, families and staff to learn and play in an environment that nurtures and enhances children’s abilities by providing a happy, loving, clean, secure, friendly, respectful and educational environment.

We are always learning and we all learn from each other. Together we can build a better foundation for our children by allowing them to feel the sense of belonging and being, and who they can become by role modelling, giving guidance where it is needed, sharing ideas and talents, encouraging and appreciating every child’s effort. At Olive Grove Centre of Early Learning everyone is equal and every input is valued.

We understand that children learn differently. Through observation, listening and family input, we encourage each individual’s unique learning styles.

Our learning environment is considered to be the third teacher. It is designed for problem solving, building relationships, exploration and stimulation; it challenges and nurtures the development of the child

We believe every child has a right to equal opportunity, to be treated with respect and nourished with love and care. Thereby every child will flourish.

We also believe cultural diversity enriches us and identifies us as individuals, families and as a community. Therefore; every culture is embraced and appreciated so as to enrich our centre.

Olive Grove Centre of Early Learning is about working with our children, families and the community. We actively promote and encourage strong partnerships with families and our extended community as this creates a wonderful sense of belonging that is vital to the learning environment of our children.

Our Children are the future. Together in partnership with families and the community, together we can make a difference.

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Meet our Exceptional Early Childhood Educators

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to our professionals who will be providing a safe, positive and nurturing environment that inspires and cultivates learning, self-confidence, self-esteem and growth. Each educator was carefully chosen to ensure we all share the same values and goals to consistently provide the best experience a parent can hope for their child.

As directors, we constantly devote more time and resources to training and professional education. Staff also receive first aid and health training to ensure a secure, clean and healthy environment for your child. This is a priority for us as we know how important it is for you to be able to leave your little one with professionals who can deliver the safest and most attentive education and care.