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Child Care Centre in Gosnells, Perth.

In Gosnells, Olive Grove Centre of Early Learning is your toddlers second home – with a difference. It is important for each parent to choose the best early learning centre for their children. Our child care centre, which accommodates families in Gosnells and other Perth suburbs, is your perfect choice when selecting a loving, encouraging environment for the development of your child.

We provide full day learning programmes with multiple activities to stimulate growing bodies and minds. We are a day care centre with a difference, inspiring each child to find and embrace their distinctive talents and to take pride their unique personalities and diverse backgrounds.
Our Gosnells child care centre approaches toddler education as a great opportunity to inspire and cultivate independence in each preschool learner, allowing them to take the first steps to becoming the best individuals that they can be. We fuel the toddler mind with rich toddler education programmes that address each child’s unique needs.

Our staff is highly trained to respect and educate preschool learners of different ages. We employ sincere, loving teachers, which make us a winning team and that forms the heartbeat of everything we do at our early learning development centre. Each educator’s dedication to early childhood learning helps us to create a safe and structured environment for your children, allowing you peace of mind.

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OFFICE HOURS 8:00 – 18:00
OPERATION HOURS 6:30 – 18:00
39 Otterden street Gosnells Western Australia 6110

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