Kids having reading time with teachers

Nurseries are better for our children than nannies are

Nursery is better for children’s development than a nanny, an Oxford University study has found.

Regardless of how rich the home learning environment is, it is more beneficial for a two-year-old’s development for them to be sent to nursery, a playgroup or a child minder, according to the research.

A study of 6,000 children found that sending toddlers to some form of crèche has a “significant positive effect” on their language and socio-emotional development. “The benefits of early education and care were found regardless of a child’s family level of disadvantage,” the report found. “Specifically, education and care with childminders at age two had a significant positive effect on children’s language development and behaviour at the age of three.”
The research showed that it is beneficial for toddlers to spend up to 35 hours per week in nursery or with a childminder, but any more has a negative effect.