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NQS 4 Olive Grove Centre of Early Learning invites and welcomes children, families and staff to learn and play in an environment that nurtures and enhances children’s abilities by providing a happy, loving, clean, secure, friendly, respectful and educational environment.

We are all learning and we all learn from each other. Together let us build a better foundation for our children by allowing them to feel the sense of belonging and being, and who they become by role modelling, giving guidance where it is needed, sharing ideas and talents, encouraging and appreciating every child’s effort.

NQS 5 Building a substantial & positive relationship with children, giving the children the right to be children, by respecting individual needs, privacy and dignity. At Olive Grove Centre of Early Learning everyone is equal, and every input is valued.

NQS1 We understand that children learn differently. Through observation, listening and family input, we encourage everyone’s unique learning styles.

NQS 3 Our learning environment is the third teacher. It is designed for problem solving, building relationships, exploration and stimulation; it challenges and nurtures the development of the child

NQS 2 We believe every child has a right to equal opportunity, to be treated with respect and to be nourished with love and care thus every child will flourish.

NQS 6 We also believe cultural diversity enriches us and identifies us as individuals, families and as a community. Therefore; every culture is embraced and appreciated to enrich our centre.

Olive Grove Centre of Early Learning is about working with our children, families and the community. We actively promote and encourage strong partnerships with families and our extended community as this creates a wonderful sense of belonging that is vital to the learning environment of our children.

Our Children are the future, in partnership with families and the community, together we can a make difference.

NQS 7 Every educator is encouraged to share as well gain knowledge from both colleagues & families. Olive Grove also encourages educators to keep up skilling through research, attending PDs, staff meeting. The Centre Management is there to support, mentor and ensuring each staff Olive Grove becomes a second home both staff and families.